Classic Case of Post herpetic neuralgia of trigeminal nerve

This patient attended the hospital with vesicular rashes and ulcers with burning sensation on one side of the face and oral cavity for 4-5 days. The lesions were restricted to the distribution of mandibular nerve.

A classic case of PHN in which mandiblar branch is the most affected one. Maxillary and opthalmic Branches are rarely affected.

Treatment was done in a multimodal aproach. Primary drugs were antiviral acyclovir and carbamazapine for the pain. Local antifungal was given for deteriorating oral hygiene. Local and systemic steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs were advised to my knowledge. But later I found out nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs are more useful in such cases. On retrospect , an anti depressant should also have been prescribed.

Patient was referred to higher facility for better treatment.

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