Book Review: Vishram Singh Anatomy

Book Review: Vishram Singh Anatomy

I don’t know one single dental surgeon who passed BDS without studying B.D. Chaurasia‘s book of anatomy. It has been around for ages and considered indispensable. But is it? While books like Grey’s Anatomy and its student’s edition or Cunningham‘s anatomy are irreplaceable and set the standard, we all know we need something more “to the point” when it comes to written exams. And B.D. Chaurasia’s book did fine in that sect. But recently I came across another book through a senior, which is way better than B.D. Chaurasia’s. At least that’s what I think. The book is Vishram Singh’s textbook of anatomy.

In this post I will review the book against B. D Chaurasia’s which hopefully will change the mind of reader/students about their book choice.


The book has everything that B.D. Chaurasia has to offer and more. One thing I should mention here is that though it is not a good criteria for a textbook to be “made easy” out of the box, sometimes it’s necessary. This book will significantly reduce your need of incorporating information in a written question or a short note. All the information you need is indexed and arranged in such a manner that all you need to do is just read it. Hardly there will be a need to open another book to add an info.

Figures and diagrams

The thing that bothers me most about B.D. Chaurasia’s book is those crude drawings and color choices…. Vishram’s is way ahead of BD in this area. Diagrams are crisp and detailed with vivid colors and to the point diagrams. Yes it falls short of Grey’s or Netter’s or Cunningham’s in standard of accuracy but schematic diagrams of Visheram’s are top notch.

Clinical Notes

Hands down, visheram is best in this segment. More detailed and useful clinical notes are there. They also threw in some clinical questions with solutions. Though very few in number, they’re useful to co-relate what you just read with clinical cases.


Price of the book is almost same to the B.D. Chaurasia’s if not a little less.

Considering the needs of first year students I’ll suggest they go with A. K. Dutta(which I call the “real grey’s anatomy student’s edition”) + Vishram Singh. AK Dutta’s book will give you details about a topic and Vishram’s will help you arrange it for a written question.

Hope this was helpful. If you need the high quality pdf of the book submit a request on our Ebook request page and a download link will be emailed to you soon.

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